By 2030, Uganda is transitioning to a low carbon development pathway and has resilient forest landscapes, wildlife populations and freshwater ecosystems that support biodiversity and socioeconomic transformation.




15 october 2020

Rider Hotel à Kampala, Ouganda

The project launch was presided over by the national Minister of Water and Environment and attended by representatives of the various stakeholders: sectoral ministries, government agencies, the private sector and CSOs. The project launch was followed by the formation of the project steering committee which, as the main governing body, plays a key role in overseeing the implementation of the activities of the BIODEV2030 project and in the taking of strategic and operational decisions.

Les membres du comité de pilotage du projet BIODEV2030 et d’autres parties prenantes lors de la réunion de lancement présentant le rapport des menaces pesant sur la biodiversité en Ouganda

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